Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Lac du Menhir

CONGRATULATIONS Mark Pardon on catching the new lake record this morning from swim 1, 64lbs 4ozs

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Lac du Menhir 

Ashley Grey and party fished Lac du Menhir recently and had a good week.

Ashley was in swim 6a and finished with 2 sturgeon and 19 carp, including 4 over 30lbs and 8 over 40lbs to 45lbs. 

In swim 6 Barry caught a 26lbs mirror and a 25lbs catfish. Chris fished swims 1a and 3 and had 5 carp including 1 over 30lbs, 1 over 40lbs and a 44lbs sturgeon. Jack was in swim 1 and finished with 4 carp, including a 40lbs common and a 47lbs sturgeon. 

Monday, 24 September 2018

Lac du Menhir

Nathan Dommett and party visited the lake for the first time.  Kent fished swim 6, Laurence was in swim 6a and Nathan in swim 1.  They finished the week with 38 fish including carp up to 44lbs and sturgeon to 55lbs.




Friday, 31 August 2018

Les Saisons

From Roger Mead:

"Paul I would like to say that we had a fabulous time on our Family Fun trip to your lake. The Grandsons both got the fish we wanted them to get Ollie a 45.05 common and Rhys with 2 x 40ty commons the biggest a 44.00. Nath had 3 x 40ty commons biggest 48.08 and we had a lot of other carp to upper 30ties and various cats and Tench with Tim having a pb tench of 8.11lbs. I know a lot of anglers would moan about the weed but we thought it was an advantage so many spot to fish to, could have had a dozen rods in swim 1 and not covered them all. The facilities are first rate and we have been coming to France since the mid 90ties and yours was  definitely the best shower we have ever encountered(Duck Board) haha. Again a big thank you from Me, Roger Mead Nathan Mead Simon Mead his two sons Ollie and Rhys and Tim Clarke. Will definitely be looking for a return trip in the future if you will have us back".



Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Les Saisons

Darren Joyce and party had their first trip to France last week and despite the exceptionally high temperatures caught some good fish.

Darren fished swim 1 and had 8 carp to over 36lbs.  In swim 2 Jack caught 4 fish, including a 42lbs common and a 47lbs grass carp.  Nathan was in swim 3 and caught 7 fish including a 40lbs common.  In swim 7 Darren had 2 fish including a 42lbs common.  Sam chose swim 8 and had 2 fish to 38lbs while in swim 11, Joe finished the week with 6 fish including a 45lbs common.






Sunday, 22 July 2018

Les Saisons

Jamie Collins and party had their first visit to the lake. Despite the fishing being slower than usual they had a great week.

Congratulations to Jamie for a new PB 50lbs common and to Tyron, also with a new PB 50lbs common.

Well done also to Lee with a new PB common at 41lbs 10ozs and to Ryan, who had a new PB 40lbs 7ozs common.

Gavin fished swim 10 and caught 2 carp over 20lbs.  In swim 2 Steve finished with 2 carp to 27lbs.



Lac du Menhir

Terry Coe and party returned to the lake and had a good week.

Terry fished swim 1 and finished the week with 8 carp including a 45lbs 8ozs mirror, a 52lbs sturgeon and a lake record catfish at 33lbs 2ozs.

Graham was in swim 3 and had 7 carp including 2 over 40lbs up to 48lbs 6ozs.

In swim 6a Anthony caught 12 fish including 3 over 40lbs up to 44lbs.