Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Lac du Menhir 

Neil Hewitt and party returned to Lac du Menhir last week. 

In swim 1 Neil caught a catfish and 5 carp, including a 41lbs mirror. Richard fished swim 3 and finished with 2 catfish and 5 carp to over 20lbs. Sam chose swim 6a and also had 2 catfish along with a sturgeon and 8 carp, 4 over 40lbs including a 44lbs common. Alan fished swim 6 and finished the week with 22 carp with 14 over 20lbs, 5 over 30lbs and 4 over 40lbs including a 48lbs 8ozs mirror. 





Saturday, 13 July 2019

Lac du Menhir w/c 29/06/19

Daniel, Mick, Neil and Scott returned to Lac du Menhir.

Neil fished swims 1a and 3, finishing the week with 2 doubles, 1 over 20lbs and 2 over 40lbs including a PB and lake record common at 48lbs 8ozs.

In swim 1 Scott caught 2 doubles, 1 over 20lbs and 1 over 30lbs plus 5 carp over 40lbs, including a PB 45lbs mirror.

Mick was in 6a and had 4 catfish, 4 doubles, 1 over 20lbs and a PB common at 45lbs.

Daniel chose swim 6 and finished with 1 catfish, 1 double, 1 over 20lbs, 2 over 30lbs and 3 over 40lbs to 47lbs.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Lac du Menhir 

Congratulations Neil Brittain  for catching the new lake record common today at 48lbs 8ozs from swim 1a

Monday, 1 July 2019

Les Saisons 

Well done Richard, lake record cat caught last week at 60lbs 6ozs.

Les Saisons

Jonathan Powell and party came back to Les Saisons week commencing 15/06/2019. 

The guys had many cats and also did well with the carp, catching 12 over 20lbs, 3 over 30lbs, 5 commons over 40lbs to 46lbs and a 40lbs plus mirror. 


Friday, 14 June 2019

Lac du Menhir

Martin Montague and party returned for their annual trip to Lac du Menhir. 

Martin fished swim 6a and finished the week with 16 carp, including 5 over 30lbs and 9 over 40lbs to 47lbs. In swim 7 Carl had 5 carp, including 3 over 30lbs plus and 1 over 40lbs. Steve was in swim 1 and had 15 carp with 5 over 30lbs and 2 over 40lbs. 

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Les Saisons

Pat, Martin, Bob and Garry visited Les Saisons for the first time last week. 

On the day he arrived Pat saw a fish show in swim 11, within 10 minutes of fishing he landed a 52lbs 8ozs common. Pat finished the week with a total of 9 carp, fishing swims 11 and 7. 

Garry was in swim 10 and had 5 fish including a 50lbs 2ozs common.