Sunday, 30 December 2012

Despite being mid-November the fishing continued to be good at Lac du Menhir.  Barry & Jay Haberland visited along with Rob & Sid from Danson Angling.  The 4 of them fished for 3 nights.  Barry fished swim 6 between the islands.  Fishing over a bed of particle & Cell Boilies he caught 11 fish including 5 x 20lbs plus, 2 x 30lbs plus and the new lake record at 53lbs 8ozs.  Jay fished swim 2 over a bed of particle & Cell boilies.  He had 8 fish up to 39lbs 8ozs.  Rob caught 5 carp to mid 20lbs and Sid had 2 x 40lbs plus a sturgeon.

Steve Morley & his party also visited for 3 nights.  Steve was in swim 6 & caught 9 fish including 5 x 20lbs plus & 2 x 30lbs plus and fish to 38lbs.  In total his party had 22 carp and 4 sturgeon over 40lbs.

There are only a few weeks available on Lac du Menhir & Les Saisons for 2013 and we're now taking bookings for 2014.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Our lakes

Les Saisons offers carp fishing holidays in France set in the beautiful Champagne region. The lake is only a 3.5 hour drive from Calais. At 14 acres, this mature tree-lined gravel pit can be booked exclusively for up to 6 anglers and with 14 swims there is ample space to move around or stalk carp in the margins.

Lac du Menhir offers exclusive carp fishing holidays in France. Only a 2 hour drive from Calais, Lac du Menhir is a mature 6 acre lake with 2 islands, silt channels, gravel bars and 8 swims. There is a fully equipped lodge with accommodation next to the lake.