Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Les Saisons

Mark Ring and party had a good week at Les Saisons.  Sam fished swim 10 and caught 13 fish including a 46lbs plus mirror.  Mark was in swim 11 and finished the week with 11 fish including a 47lbs plus common.  Lee fished swim 12 and caught 6 fish including a 36lbs plus common.  David and Martin were in swims 1 and 2 and although they had a slower week still had fish to over 36lbs.  Steve fished swim 3 and finished the week with 8 fish including a 49lbs plus grass carp.





Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Lac du Menhir

Mark White and party had a good week.  Mark fished swim 6a and finished with 10 fish, 6 over 30lbs and a PB mirror at 56lbs 8ozs.  Andrew fished swims 6 and 1 and had 9 fish including 3 over 30lbs, a 40lbs plus mirror and 40lbs plus common.  Connor fished swim 6 and caught 7 fish including 2 over 30lbs and a 54lbs sturgeon.




Lac du Menhir - Recent Captures

Anthony 50lbs

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Les Saisons - Recent Captures


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Les Saisons

Last week Michael Booth and party caught over 60 fish.  Michael fished swim 10 and had over 10 fish.  The angler in swim 11 caught over 20, and swim 1 produced 8 fish during Friday afternoon.  Ian had to leave on Wednesday morning but caught the largest of the week, a PB 47lbs 8oz common from the island swim.  All anglers had 40lbs plus fish and a lot of 30lbs plus.  We will update with more photos when we have them.

Ian 47lbs 8ozs

Monday, 11 April 2016

Lac du Menhir

Despite being early in the season some good fish have been caught.  Mark Johnson and party caught over 20 fish.  Mark had 9 including a 47lbs sturgeon, a 45lbs 8ozs leather and a 41lbs 8ozs common.