Thursday, 26 May 2016

Lac du Menhir - Recent Captures

Gary 50lbs 8ozs



Les Saisons

Rob Morris and party returned to Les Saisons and had a good week, catching over 40 fish.  Rob fished swim 2 and caught 16 fish to over 46lbs, including a 43lbs grass carp.  Sam fished swim 7 and had fish to 46lbs plus.  Barry fished swim 4 and had fish to over 20lbs.  Dave had 7 fish from swim 8 to 25lbs plus.  Tony was in swim 11 and his very first fish of the week was a 49lbs plus common.  Tony finished the week with 12 fish.




Friday, 20 May 2016

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Les Saisons

Paul Spratley and party returned to Les Saisons and caught 30 plus fish.  Paul fished swim 1 and had 5 fish on Friday afternoon alone, 3 over 40lbs, 1 over 30lbs and 1 over 20lbs.  Steve fished swim 10 and finished with 6 over 20lbs, 3 over 30lbs and a 42lbs plus common.  Graham was in swim 11 and caught fish to over 41lbs.  Sam fished swim 8 and caught fish to 37lbs.

Howard Reeve and party also had a good week at the lake.  Howard fished swim 3 and caught fish to over 48lbs.  James was in swim 10 and had carp to over 42lbs.  Top rod that week was Simon Walker with 12 fish including a 40lbs mirror and a 49lbs plus common.





Monday, 9 May 2016

Lac du Menhir

Tony & Lawrence returned to Lac du Menhir and had another good week.  Tony fished 6a and finished the week with 16 fish including a 40lbs plus common and a 40lbs plus mirror, along with several sturgeon.  Lawrence fished swim 6 and had 24 fish including a 56lbs plus mirror.