Thursday, 30 June 2016

Lac du Menhir

Kevin Brown and party visited Lac du Menhir for the first time and had some good fish.  Largest of the week was the 2 tone mirror at 47lbs caught by Neil.  Kevin celebrated his birthday at the lake landing a 40lbs common.




Sunday, 26 June 2016

Les Saisons

Adrian Wells and party returned to Les Saisons and had a good week.  John fished swim 7/8 and his very first fish of the week was a 42lbs common.  John finished the week with 12 fish.  Nick was in swim 11 and had 5 fish to over 30lbs.  Adrian fished swim 10 and finished with 5 fish to over 43lbs.  Billy chose swim 2 and caught 9 fish to over 40lbs.  David fished swims 1 and 3 and ended the week with 18 fish to over 30lbs.




Les Saisons

Jeff Fox and party visited the lake for the first time and caught over 25 fish to over 41lbs.



Sunday, 5 June 2016

Les Saisons

Adam Jefferies and party had a successful week at Les Saisons.  Adam was in swim 10 and caught 16 fish, including a 48lbs plus common and 5 x 30lbs plus fish.  Curt fished swim 1 and had 3 fish over 20lbs, James had 4 fish to 34lbs from swim 2.  Tony and Mark were in swims 7 & 8 and finished with 9 fish to 36lbs.  Nick fished swim 11 and had 30 fish including 6 x 40lbs plus to 48lbs plus and 12 x 30lbs plus up to 39lbs.




Tony & Mark