Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Les Saisons

Paul Spratley and party came back to Les Saisons for their annual visit. 

Paul fished swim 3 and had 5 carp to 30lbs.  In swim 7 Sam caught 7 fish to 43lbs. Alan fished swim 8 and finished with 8 fish, including a 52lbs common.  Graham chose swim 2 and caught 9 fish including a 50lbs 8ozs common.  In swim 11 Steve had 13 fish to 48lbs 10ozs.





Les Saisons

Gerald Fisher and party returned for an early season visit to the lake.  Gerald fished swim 11 and finished the week with 13 carp to over 38lbs, catching 7 in just one night.

Stephen was in swim 8 and caught a 39lbs plus mirror.  In swim 3 Tony had 2 carp to 26lbs.

Kelvin chose swim 10 and finished with 6 fish to 44lbs.



Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Lac du Menhir

Mick Turnage and party had their first visit to the lake and fished swims 6, 6a and 7.  They finished the week with 9 carp up to 41lbs 8ozs and 5 sturgeon to 51lbs 8ozs.




Paul Miller and party also had their first visit to Lac du Menhir.  Paul fished swim 1 and caught 7 carp to 41lbs.  David was in swim 6 and had 6 carp to mid-thirties.  Paul fished swim 4 and caught 5 carp to mid-thirties.  They also caught several sturgeon.




Phil Johnson and party came to Lac du Menhir for their first fishing holiday in France.  Phil chose swim 1a and caught 8 fish including 2 x 40lbs plus mirrors.  Kenny fished swims 4 and 6a, finishing the week with 6 carp to 29lbs and 3 sturgeon to 48lbs.  James fished swims 3 and 6 and had 6 carp to 36lbs and 2 sturgeon to 48lbs.