Thursday, 29 June 2017

Lac du Menhir

Paul Donnelly and party fished Lac du Menhir last week and caught some good fish despite the mini heat wave.

Paul was in swim 6a and finished with 6 fish including a 40lbs 4ozs common and a 41lbs mirror.  In swim 1a Miles caught 6 carp to 31lbs despite having to leave Friday morning.  Dan fished swim 6 and had 4 carp to 39lbs and a 44lbs sturgeon.  Darren was in swim 2 and finished the week with 3 cats including the lake record at 27lbs, a 48lbs sturgeon and 5 carp to 38lbs.




Sunday, 11 June 2017

Lac du Menhir

Tom Bullman and party had their first visit to Lac du Menhir.

Joe and Barry fished swims 1 and 1a.  Joe caught 16 fish to over 30lbs and Barry had 7 fish including 2 x 40lbs and 2 x 39lbs.

Tom senior chose swim 6a and finished with 4 fish to almost 40lbs.  In swim 6 Tom junior had 5 carp and a 50lbs plus sturgeon.

Tom junior

Tom senior
Lac du Menhir

Martin Montague and party had their first visit to Lac du Menhir.

Martin fished swim 6a and finished the week with 11 fish to over 46lbs.  Kieran was in swim 3 and had a PB common at 39lbs 8ozs on his very first fishing trip to France.  Also his first time fishing in France, Steve chose swim 1 and had 8 carp including 4 over 30lbs to 39lbs 12ozs, a new PB.



Lac du Menhir - Recent Captures





Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Les Saisons

Mark Simmons, Mark Watson and Pete Hartley revisited Les Saisons last week having fished at Lac du Menhir the last 3 years.

On their first night all 3 were playing fish simultaneously and all ended up with double takes.

Mark Watson fished swim 11 and finished the week with 8 carp to just over 39lbs.

Congratulations to Mark Simmons on catching the lake record common and a new PB at 53lbs.  Mark was in swim 7/8 and had 24 carp including 3 over 40lbs, 6 over 30lbs and 11 over 20lbs.

In swim 1 Pete Hartley finished with 7 fish including a new PB 47lbs common.

Mark Simmons 53lbs lake record common

Pete Hartley

Mark Watson