Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Lac du Menhir

Martin Montague and party returned to Lac du Menhir last week.

Martin fished swim 6a and caught 24 carp including 4 over 30lbs, 2 over 40lbs plus several sturgeon. 

In swim 1a Kieran had 3 carp to mid 30lbs. 

Steve was in swim 1 and finished the week with 11 fish. Steve’s goal was a 40lbs plus carp and his first fish was a 43lbs plus mirror. He also had 5 over 30lbs and another 40lbs plus mirror. 
Les Saisons

Martin Mullen and party returned to Les Saisons. Martin fished swim 7/8 and finished the week with 20 carp including 9 over 20lbs, 7 over 30lbs, a 43lbs plus common and 3 grass carp over 40lbs.

In swim 1 Lee caught 2 fish over 20lbs and 2 grass carp over 45lbs. Ryan was in swim 11 and had 5 fish over 20lbs, 2 over 30lbs and a 46lbs plus common.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Les Saisons
Adrian Holewell and party returned to Les Saisons.
Adrian fished swim 3 and caught 3 fish including a 47lbs grass carp.  In swim 7 Bill had fish to 33lbs.  Paul was in swim 1 and caught 3 fish over 20lbs.  Keith fished swim 11 and finished the week with 5 fish, including a 48lbs common and a 50lbs plus common.

Lac du Menhir

Alan Cousin and party visited the lake for the first time. 

Charlie fished swim 6A and caught 4 fish including a PB 38lbs mirror, while in swim 6 Rob had 3 fish to 41lbs.

Mark was in swim 1A and caught fish to 17lbs.  In swim 1 Alan finished the week with 14 fish, including 5 over 30lbs and a PB mirror at 42lbs.


Charlie PB

Alan PB