Thursday, 24 October 2019

Lac du Menhir

Congratulations Linden Fisher for catching the lake record last week at 67lbs. 

Friday, 18 October 2019

Lac du Menhir 

Barry Hayden and party returned to the lake last week.

Barry fished swim 1 and caught 2 doubles, 4 over 20lbs, 2 over 30lbs and 4 over 40lbs including a 47lbs mirror.

In swim 1a Gary finished the week with 3 to over 30lbs.

Dave was in swim 6 and had 3 doubles, 2 over 30lbs, a 41lbs 8ozs mirror and 3 sturgeon.

Dave fished 6a and caught 2 doubles, 2 over 30lbs, 2 over 40lbs including a 48lbs 6ozs mirror, 2 sturgeon and a catfish.





Thursday, 17 October 2019

Lac du Menhir 

Craig Smith and party returned to Lac du Menhir w/c 28/09/19 and caught well.

Neil fished swim 1 and finished the week with 19 carp including 8 doubles, 4 over 20lbs, 1 over 30lbs and 6 over 40lbs, including a 46lbs 8ozs mirror. Neil also had 2 sturgeon and 2 catfish.

In swim 1a Craig caught 3 carp including a 41lbs common.

Terry was in swim 6a and had 4 carp including a 39lbs 2ozs mirror and 3 sturgeon.

It was Peter’s first visit to Lac du Menhir and he fished swim 6 catching 5 carp, 1 double and 4 over 40lbs including a 43lbs 8ozs mirror. He also caught a sturgeon.